Garden of Mostly Earthly Delights

A small series of self initiated illustrations loosely bound together by colour palette. Brought to you with care and attention whilst awaiting feedback on more commercial projects

This is a short series of self initiated illustrations based around the same colour palette. A lot of the images I create I do so as if they're going to be screen-printed, I like having the option to bring them into the physical world.
So during production in Photoshop I continually reduce the layers to the constituent colour separations, this may sound foolish to limit the options that stacks of layers afford, but it feels good to keep things lean.
I always end up coming back to my brush pen, sometimes I use Kyle's Ultimate Brush pen which like all his other Photoshop brushes is amazing. But you can't beat the real thing, I like filling up a sheet of A3 then scanning it in and adding separate elements to the composition in Photoshop.
If this was going to be screenprinted (and it might at some point... maybe in a slightly different guise) this is the order the layers would go down. Recently I've been adding an opaque red layer to sit over the top. Red generally prints translucent, but with a bit of white in there and five or six passes you can get it to ping out.
I began drawing these angry heads based vaguely on memories of Japenese 'Noh Masks'. I found it quite cathartic. I've called this one Warface.
I love drawing nonsensical landscapes usually in front of the TV or on the bus, allowing them to go where they want, then trying to add unlikely twists in there. Usually these things go nowhere and it's just for a laugh, and sometimes they'll lead onto other things. This one lent itself to the previous illustration there. I just flipped it and re-arranged a bit...
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