Wired World 2016

A series of illustrations accompanying five articles predicting forthcoming online trends for 2016.

This is a series of illustrations I produced for the December 2015 issue of Wired Magazine UK.
Each image accompanies a piece of writing by various industry experts discussing what they think will be the prevalent emerging trends in the online world in 2016.
This first illustration is about how education networks are poised to become a huge thing in the near future.
The idea was to create something that suggested the idea of growth and networks. I'd been looking for an oppotunity to expand on the idea of geometric forms encompassing trees since making this image a few years back. So this felt like the perfect project to do so.
This second image is about how our relationships with online companies can build trust over time. The idea that the"sum of past transactions to be implicitly reflected in the conduct of future business" and companies creating infastructures that are flexible to loyal customers individual needs. These were complex ideas to illustrate directly so i focussed on the notion of trust. And an interesting landscape :-)
This next illustration is about how companies could collaborate in a competitive environment. A customer wants a camera but the company is out of stock of that model but reccomends where the customer can source a similar model based on the customer's purchase history. A win-win apparently for all concerned.
The first of these final two illustrations is about how little beacons in realworld shops can send tailored offers and promotions directly to shoppers smartphones. Clever stuff but not my thing at all!
The second illustration is about the rise of shopping networks.
Here's some of drawings and creative meanderings that I did along the way...
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