Selected projects from Summer 2016

A selection of project that I worked on during summer 2016

This is the second poster i've made for Phish. This time it was for their performance at the LA Forum. They are a great client to work with as I pretty much had carte blanche on the direction. So I followed my nose and came up with this.
The was also created for Modus. It's about the increasing value of real estate in Indonesia and how this is attracting foreign investment.
This is a cover for an annual report for a french federation of Unions.
The was created for La Cave Aux Poetes - a music venue in northern France. 
It was used as the cover of their Autumn 2016 programme and also a poster.
This is a cover for an album of stock music put out by EMI.

Astronomy - this is based on the historic Pulkovo Observatory in Russia. The bearded guy is based Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.
Yuri Gagarin - the first man in space
The International space Station. 
 Lunokhod rover 
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